Andrew Mahoney receives ACS Medicinal Chemistry Predoctoral Fellowship

Graduate Scholar Andrew Mahoney has been awarded a 2021-2022 ACS Medicinal Chemistry Predoctoral Fellowship. In addition to being an accomplished chemist, Andrew is a talented humorist. The following account of his recent success is presented in his own words for your enjoyment.

In May of 1995, a creature that would become Andrew Mahoney sprang forth into the world with vibrancy and enthusiasm. Born into a British immigrant family in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Andrew had an insatiable desire to try new things and explore the unknown.

His current research in the Wuest Lab involves the synthesis, characterization, and biological investigation of novel small molecule antibiotics to tackle the antibacterial resistance crisis. Andrew has a special interest in the study of indole alkaloids, a structurally-diverse class of molecules with particularly interesting physiological and medicinal activities.

Outside of lab, Andrew enjoys taking long walks on the Atlanta beach and playing his trumpet far too loudly.

Recently, Andrew was selected as one of four national recipients of the American Chemical Society Division of Medicinal Chemistry’s 2021-2022 Predoctoral Fellowship. This prestigious recognition allows Andrew’s advisor to save $30,000 over the course of one year. In addition, this award allows Andrew to present his recent research findings as part of a special award session at the national ACS meeting this fall in Atlanta, as well as at the 2021 Medicinal Chemistry Gordon Research Conference in Mt Snow, Vermont.

After graduation, Andrew plans to work in the pharmaceutical industry as a drug discovery chemist. He owes his recent success primarily to his friends in lab, as well as his cat-at-home, Roger, without whom he would be but an empty husk.

Fig. 1 (header): Andrew, in dire need of a haircut, poses regally outside of his lab (snatched from the Wuest Lab website)

Fig. 2: When not pursuing medicinal chemistry, Andrew enjoys defying the laws of time and space.

Congratulations, Andrew!