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Designer biopolymer speaks nucleic acid and protein languages

If you’ve ever learned a language, says Jen Heemstra of Emory University, there are two levels of understanding. First you learn to read text and comprehend it. Then you begin speaking the language and interacting with others. In Heemstra’s lab, she...

Being bullied? Here’s what to do

I’m being bullied by another student, who is my mentor. When I brought this up to my principal investigator (PI), they removed this student as my mentor and addressed the situation by telling the student to stop. However, the bullying has continued...

Jen Heemstra on the importance of relationships in science

I’m standing alone in an empty lab. No reaction mixtures stirring in the hoods. No pipettors lined up on the benches. No glassware on the drying racks. The movers have just finished packing up the last of our things as we complete the final stage of...

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