New Chemistry Unbound resources available for students

New resources are now available to undergraduate using chemistry’s online resources to navigate Chemistry Unbound coursework. In addition to the advising grid, students can now access a companion Advising Guide. The Guide has been updated for Spring 2022 to include:

Updated Advising Guide

The updated guide contains helpful and important new policies and procedures.  To highlight a few:

  • New Biomolecular Chemistry Specialization
    A special track of classes to pursue within Chemistry Unbound major requirements. 
  • New Capstone Course (Chem 470) Policy for Junior Majors 
    Clarification regarding enrollment in the capstone course experience.
  • Honors Program
    Chemistry now provides a more robust explanation of options and expectations for the Honors degree and thesis.

The guide includes a faculty contact for each policy or procedure to help students understand where to go for further support.

New Transfer Student Guide

In addition to the updated Advising Guide, we are excited to share a Transfer Student Guide. The core purpose of this guide is to support students transferring to Emory in understanding how to apply previous coursework within Emory’s Chemistry Unbound curriculum. However, the guide may also be a helpful resources for scholars seeking to contextualize their Emory experience for fellowship, job, and graduate school applications.

Note that the guide does not specifically address transitioning to Emory from Oxford College because the curriculums between the two schools are the same. Oxford continuees with questions about chemistry on the Atlanta campus are encouraged to contact a Department of Chemistry Oxford Liaison by emailing