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Chemistry celebrates student achievement with annual awards

On Friday, April 19, 2024, the Department of Chemistry celebrated a year of student achievement with our annual awards ceremony. Awards recognized excellence in teaching, research, and service to the community and the discipline of chemistry. Congratulations to all who were recognized!

Outstanding First Year

Pierce Malloy
Alice Xue

Excellence in Educational Support

Sophie West (CHEM 150 & CHEM 202)
Sophia Barthel (CHEM 203ZL)
Tuan Vinh (CHEM 203 & CHEM 204L)

Student Choice Award

Aditya Kolisetti

ACS Analytical Chemistry Award

Logan Boyle

ACS Inorganic Chemistry Award

Vico Wang

ACS Organic Chemistry Award

Winnie Yang

ACS Physical Chemistry Award

Anji Ni

William Jones Scholarship

Sophia Barthel
Ivan Zhu

Women in Chemistry Scholarship

Anika Kapur
Maddie Clerici

Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Sophia Shahin

Excellence in Chemistry

Aditya Kolisetti

Quayle Early Innovator Award

Sarah Al-Abdullatif

Quayle Spectrum Scholar Award

Joe Mancuso

Quayle Citizen Scholar Award

Lyndsey Prosser

Quayle Teacher Scholar Award

Caitlyn Dollar

Quayle Excellence in Research Award

John Talbott (Second Year)
Duc Ly (Second Year)
Ben Dratch (Third Year)
Kaihong Sun (Third Year)
Jhordan Rogers (Fourth Year)
Terrence Nguyen (Fourth Year)

Quayle Outstanding Dissertation Award

Benjamin Emenike