October research round up

Bowman Group

H-Atom Product Channels in the Ultraviolet Photodissociation of the 2-Propenyl Radical

Sun, G., Lucas, M., Song, Y., Zhang, J., Brazier, C., Houston, P. L., & Bowman, J. M. 
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A
Evangelista Group

Exact Parameterization of Fermionic Wave Functions via Unitary Coupled Cluster Theory

Evangelista, F. A., Chan, G. K., & Scuseria, G. E.
arXiv preprint
Heaven Group

Discharge development for optically pumped rare gas lasers

Heaven, M. C., Han, J., Sun, P., Zuo, D., & Mikheyev, P. A.
High Power Lasers: Technology and Systems, Platforms, Effects III 
Heemstra Group

Small-Molecule Sequestration Using Aptamer-Functionalized Membranes

Romero-Reyes, M. A., & Heemstra, J. M. 
ACS Materials Letters
Hill Group

Single-cell immune landscape of human atherosclerotic plaques

Fernandez, D. M., Rahman, A. H., Fernandez, N. F., Chudnovskiy, A., Amir, E. A. D., Amadori, L., … & Wang, Z.
Nature medicine
Lynn Group

Electrostatic Complementarity drives Amyloid/Nucleic Acid Co‐assembly

Rha, A., Das, D., Taran, O., Ke, Y., Mehta, A., & Lynn, D. G.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Salaita Group

DNA mechanotechnology reveals that integrin receptors apply pN forces in podosomes on fluid substrates

Glazier, R., Brockman, J. M., Bartle, E., Mattheyses, A. L., Destaing, O., & Salaita, K. 
Nature Communications
Wuest Group

A bisphenolic honokiol analog outcompetes oral antimicrobial agent cetylpyridinium chloride via a membrane-associated mechanism

Ochoa, C., Solinski, A., Nowlan, M., Dekarske, M., Wuest, W., & Kozlowski, M. C. 
ACS Infectious Diseases