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Blakey Group

Rh (III) and Ir (III) Cp* Complexes Provide Complementary Regioselectivity Profiles in Intermolecular Allylic CH Amidation Reactions

Burman, J., Harris, R., Farr, C., Bacsa, J., & Blakey, S. B.
ACS Catalysis
Davies Group

Dirhodium tetracarboxylates as catalysts for selective intermolecular C–H functionalization

Davies, H. M., & Liao, K.
Natura Reviews Chemistry
Heaven Group

Laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy of jet-cooled ThO

Schmitz, J. R., Kaledin, L. A., & Heaven, M. C.
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
Hill Group

A Polyoxometalate‐Based Microfluidic Device for Liquid Phase Oxidation of Glycerol

Wang, X., Tao, M., Li, Y., Zhang, X., Li, Z., & Hill, C. L.
Ke Group

Dynamic DNA Structures

Zhang, Y., Pan, V., Li, X., Yang, X., Li, H., Wang, P., & Ke, Y.

 Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Cholesterol-DNA Nanorods

Zhang, Y., Peng, R., Xu, F., & Ke, Y.
Bioconjugate Chemistry
Lian Group

 Heterogenized Molecular Catalysts: Vibrational Sum-Frequency Spectroscopic, Electrochemical, and Theoretical Investigations

Ge, A., Rudshteyn, B., Videla, P. E., Miller, C. J., Kubiak, C. P., Batista, V. S., & Lian, T.
Accounts of Chemical Research
Salaita Group

DNA Nanotechnology as an Emerging Tool to Study Mechanotransduction in Living Systems

Ma, V. P. Y., & Salaita, K.