Chemistry celebrates student achievement

The Department of Chemistry was pleased to welcome annual award winners at our spring awards ceremony on April 22. Awards were given in recognition of excellence in research, service, outreach, and teaching, with recognition encompassing chemistry’s academic programs and research groups. We also had an opportunity to recognize our 2021-2022 graduates with a commemorative poster.

For the first time, awards were conferred in thematic categories, as organized below. Thank you to the faculty and staff who organized the ceremony and to the generous donors of our endowed awards.

Congratulations to all who were recognized!

Early Innovators and Learners

Outstanding First Year (Undergraduate)
  • Anushka Nayak
  • Emma Funderburg
Early Career Grant (Undergraduate)
  • Sophia Shahin
  • Winnie Yang
Quayle Early Innovator Award (Graduate)
  • Yuxin Duan

Chemistry Community Impact

Quayle Spectrum Scholar Award (Graduate)
  • Aysha Rashid
Quayle Citizen Scholar Award (Graduate)
  • Brea Manuel
Quayle Teacher Scholar Award (Graduate)
  • David Laws III
Undergraduate Excellence in Educational Support
  • Sabina Iqbal
  • Fahad Salman
  • Mo Singhal
  • Emile Morin
Undergraduate Student Choice Award
  • Thalia Le

ACS Undergraduate Awards

  • Analytical Chemistry: Joe Ambarian
  • Inorganic Chemistry: Yiran Zhang
  • Organic Chemistry: Sophia Xu
  • Physical Chemistry: Kyle Kairys 

Undergraduate Scholarships

William Jones Scholarship
  • Patrick Czabala
  • Kristina Trifonova
  • Yena Woo
Women in Chemistry Scholarship
  • Caroline McCormack
  • Hannah Geoffroy
Bauknight Scholarship
  • Mark Essien
  • Anjanay Nangia

Excellence in Research in Chemistry Laboratories

Quayle Excellence in Research (Graduate)
  • Mark Maust (2nd Year)
  • Sam Horwitz (2nd Year)
  • Sheng He (4th Year)
  • Cecilia Hendy (4th Year)
Undergraduate Excellence in Research
  • Anna Cai

Capstone Awards

Undergraduate Excellence in Chemistry Award
  • Thalia Le
Quayle Outstanding Dissertation Award
  • Yawei Liu