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Grad Alum Dr. Susan Richardson discusses career path

Grad Alum Dr. Susan Richardson discusses career path

PhD alum Dr. Susan D. Richardson discusses her unconventional path to a tenured position in academia in a recent piece for the series “ABCs of Education and Professional Development in Analytical Science” in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Prior to working in academia, Dr. Richardson worked at a government laboratory for the EPA.

I was lucky enough to get a postdoc position (due to some mass spectrometry experience I got in graduate school), and when the federal hiring freeze lifted, I was extremely lucky to get offered a permanent position. I loved it there, and thrived. It was an ideal place to make a difference for the environment and human health. And, through links I made with other EPA labs and outside universities, I was able to develop several multidisciplinary collaborations, which is important for solving big environmental issues that we cannot do alone.

Dr. Susan Dr. Richardon

Dr. Richardson received her PhD from emeritus professor Fred Menger’s lab in 1989.

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