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Aaron Bosse wins ARCS Award
Aaron Bosse

Aaron Bosse wins ARCS Award


Graduate scholar Aaron Bosse has received the 2019 ARCS Award in recognition of his research accomlishments.

Aaron Bosse (Davies Group) has recently been named an ARCS Award recipient. The award is given by the ARCS foundation to celebrate the exceptional promise of the nominee to make a significant contribution to the advancement of Science.

While earning his B.A. in chemistry at The College of the Holy Cross, he completed two years of research in the lab of Prof. Andre Isaacs. His research focused on developing novel methodologies using click chemistry and resulted in a first author publication in Synlett. Now, Aaron is serving as lead researcher on C–H functionalization methodology applied to total synthesis in the Davies Group, collaborating with multiple groups in the CCHF.  Before winning the ARCS award, he has received numerous other recognitions including the ACS DOC Outstanding Undergraduate award, Quayle New Student Award, Quayle Student Achievement Award, and NSF GRFP Honorable mention. Outside of the lab, Aaron loves spending time in nature, visiting craft breweries, and relaxing with his dog and cat.

Congratulations, Aaron!

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